Friday, 29 November 2013

Prope est regnum Dei (Lk 21:30).

The Kingdom of God is near.

A Christian is a man of meditation. Accordingly, he sees the facts in the light of the Scriptures. Thus he is able to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit in the world. Furthermore, he almost feels God's love. He lives now and is not concerned about the past or the future. He does perceive the time passing away but it does not make him sad. On the contrary, he keeps the words of the Lord deep in his heart to apply them to the circumstances. When he is in the dangerous situation, he does not stop trusting. Yet he knows that God is omnipotent and his Providence guards the mankind. For that reason, he blesses the Lord and praises him above all forever. Since from the beginning to the end everything is under the wings of the Almighty. The beautiful nature never ceases exalting him, but gives him thanks all the time. As a child of God you are to experience his goodness too. Actually the Kingdom of God is at hand.

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