Saturday, 7 December 2013

Anima mea cognoscit nimis (Ps 139:14).

My soul knows it very well.

The Holy Spirit is around me all the time. Moreover, I can move, talk and work thanks to the God's Spirit. So wherever I go, I am accompanied by the divine grace. Everything comes form the unlimited goodness of the Lord. I even cannot comprehend the whole love which God has towards me. For that reason, I am very grateful for his presence in my life and all the good things I have already received. I also give thanks for the painful experiences which were the part of my past. Although sometimes I did not understand some of them, now I know that these facts where necessary to become a mature person. I keep praising my Lord for everything. I try to be with him as I meditate on the divine Word in the beauty of the universe, in the Scriptures and in the community of my friends. Consequently, I want to cleanse my soul from all sins and commit myself to the Lord completely. Overall, I would like to abide forever in the everlasting Kingdom. 

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