Friday, 6 December 2013

Adhuc in modico et in brevi (Is 29:17).

But a very little while ...

As a human being you live in the boundaries of time, but God is beyond this limit. For that reason, he can enter your life any time and change everything. In the little while your spriritual eyes may see and your inner ears hear the message from the Lord. In such a way, you can comprehend the meaning of the Scriptures and know what the most important is. Your heart can be full of joy and rejoice in the presence of the Spirit. Because of the divine strength you might neither be afraid to fight your enemies nor ashamed of your sins. On the contrary, you may be cleansed from your iniquities and proud of God acting in your life with such a great power. For the Lord is your light and salvation. Through the holy sacraments you may find refuge and exeperience the loveliness of God as if in the heavenly Kingdom. 

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