Sunday, 15 December 2013

Minor in regno caelorum (Mt 11:11).

The least in the kingdom of heaven.

You may feel like in the prison because of your troubles. Yet you can always turn to the Word of God to search for encouragement. You can ask the Lord about the meaning of your life. For Jesus Christ is the One who gives you the best answer for all your questions. He enlightens your eyes, cures your diseases, cleanses your heart and makes you hear the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, he raises you up from the death of your sins. As a result, you become the happiest man in the world who proclaims the divine miracles. But you need to know what you are searching while following the Christ. You are to trust him completely so as to come across the desert. No idol can take the place of Jesus in your endeavous. Neither idea nor wealth can change your mind as you are a disciple of the Lord. Since only the Son of God is your best advisor and leader to the kingdom of heaven. 

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