Monday, 9 December 2013

In omni benedictione spiritali (Eph 1:3).

With every spiritual blessing.

Blessing is the best way to make a good relationship with others. First of all, you are to bless the Lord for all goods you have already received. Then, you are to bless your relatives and friends who have done a lot for you too. As a result, you will also be blessed by them and fulfilled with spiritual joy. In addition, with the God's blessing you will be granted many other gifts as wisdom, peace and hope. Thus, you will be able to become holy and the source of blessings for others. You will love people with all your heart and enjoy it. In such a way, you will carry out the will of God who has given these commandments. You will also keep praising the Lord that he has loved you so much. You will follow his example eagerly and enter the heavenly kingdom in the end. Overall, it is the intention of his will to make all his children happy and sanctified by the Holy Spirit. The Blessed Mary was the one who showed great obedience to the divine will. Therefore, such great miracles happened in her life and she is a perfect woman who intercedes for all people asking her for help. 

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