Friday, 13 December 2013

Utilia (Is 48:18).

What is for your good.

Only God knows what is good for me. Therefore I keep asking him to send me the light for my life. For the Lord is my leader who explains me which way to choose. I do experience that his will is the best choice for me. I  listen to him carefully and pay attention to his good advice. Consequently, my life flows like a river of grace towards the sea of everlasting kingdom. I share the gifts of the Holy Spirit with others and show them the goodness of the Lord. My heart is full of spiritual goods which I am to grant the needy. My soul is meditating on the message of the Scriptures and delights in it. In such a way, I try to yield much fruit and follow the example of the Son of God. Thanks to his help I am happy and make happy the people around me. For the truth is that the Lord watches over me and fills my heart with many blessings.

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