Thursday, 25 June 2015

Domine, Domine (Mt 7:21).

The main goal of your life is to enter the Kingdom of heaven. If you want to achieve it, you are supposed to do the will of your Father in heaven. You do not have to perform great works but just do the simple deeds in accordance with God's will. You should avoid evil and follow the example of the Son of God. Also you ought to listen carefully to the words of the Scripture and act on them. Thus you will become a wise man who build his house on rock. No danger nor distress will make you afraid. For your hope will be set solidly on Jesus Christ. Otherwise, you will always worry about everything - about your tasks, responsibilities and future. Since you will be acting alone without the grace of God. In this way evil people and spirits will have an impact on you. You will finally collapse and be completely ruined. Therefore, your only choise is to keep a good relationship with the Lord. If you place your trust in him, you will receive the gift of mercy. If you observe his commandments, you will enjoy his blessings. If you ask him sincerly, you will be granted the Holy Spirit. And if you love him, you will experience his divine love and his presence in your life. 

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