Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Apostolus Christi (2 Cor 1:1).

A Christian fulfills the will of God in his life. First of all, he listens carefully and then follows God's ordinances. In such a way, he teaches others how to live properly and holy. He knows that such a life is impossible without the grace of the Lord. Therefore he always gives thanks for many blessings from God. He is grateful especially for the compassion and mercy of the heavenly Father. Also he confirms that his strength and power come from above. He is not able to do anything without the divine support. A follower of Christ is encouraged in every affliction by God. As a result, he can help his brothers and sisters in their endeavours. He does not give up but rather gives an example how to overcome the difficulties and problems. He understands that everything what happens in his life is necessary for the growing in faith. Furthermore, he trusts in the power of the Holy Spirit and nothing is impossible for him. The Christian hope is firm and his attitude allows him to win over the evil. With strong faith he tastes and experiences the goodness of the Lord. For that reason, he blesses and praises God at all times. His soul glorifies in the Lord and finds happiness in the presence of the Almighty. 

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