Thursday, 4 June 2015

In viis veritatis (Tb 1:3).

A Christian is the one who walks all the days of his life on the path of truth and righteousness. He performs many charitable works for his sisters and brothers. For he knows that all people travel through life to the heavenly kingdom. This life is only preparation for the everlasting abiding with the Lord. The Christian teaches others how to spend time on earth and take care of the people in need. He is and example of the praying person who worships God. The Christian is very patient and uses his time for good things. He is always ready to go and act according to God's will. He is not afraid of the opinions of the evil people. He is well prepared and accompanied by the divine grace. His wisdom and strength come from the words written in the Holy Bible. Overall, he follows and delights in the God's voice heard in his heart.

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