Sunday, 13 December 2015


The Advent is a time of joy and singing joyfully. It is a special period of the year when you should learn again how to be glad and happy with all your heart. Obviously, there are many reasons that you are becoming sad and depressed. Nonetheless, the coming of the Lord must make you joyful. For he is the only one who can remove the danger away and overcome all your enemies. The Lord knows how to encourage you and take all your fears. You just need to open your heart for him so he could dwell in you as a mighty saviour of your life. Consequently, God will rejoice over you with gladness and renew you in his love by the power of the Holy Spirit. All the saints and angels will sing joyfully in heaven because of you and you will join them one day singing in the kingdom of God. 
The Advent is a time when you are to cry out with joy and gladness. Because you realize that in your soul is the right place for the great and Holy One. Therefore, you ought to be confident and unafraid in spite of wars, disasters and anxieties in the world around you. Since your strength and courage is the Lord who saves you from every evil. In the holy sacraments you draw the God's grace and the divine water at the fountain of eternal happiness. 
The Advent is a time of thanksgiving for all these gifts you have discovered in your whole life.

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