Monday, 10 September 2012

Surge et sta in medium (Lk 6:8).

Come up and stand before us.

Jesus walks among us every day and abides in us especially when we are suffering or afraid. He teaches us through the gospel how to live despite of our weaknesses and problems. Each of us is able to ask him for help and Jesus never refuses to support us. However some of us neither trust him nor open their hearts toward God. Consequently, such people are unhappy and disappointed. Furthermore, they are surprised that others can put their trust in Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, the Son of God wants to heal all the people and to be present at those who need his grace. Also it is good to know that every Jesus' word has power to change our life completely. But the thing is that our ears must be opened and obey him. So if you listen to his voice,  you are to do what he is asking for. If you place your trust in him with whole your heart, you will see miracles in your life too. On the contrary, if you keep your mind closed to his holy words, you will be unsatisfied and annoyed. Since we human beings depend on our Creator and his blessings. Moreover, we were not able to live even for a moment, if he did not give us his Holy Spirit to sustain us.

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