Thursday, 27 September 2012

Omnia vanitas (Eccl 1:2).

All things are vanity.

If we understand that God is the most important of all things, we will consider everything as vanity. For nothing can bring us full satisfaction but God's grace and blessing. Consequently, if we follow his rules and commandments, we become happier, more peaceful and kinder. Neither person, nor creature, nor work is able to make us attain the salvation of our souls. In addition, everything will pass away but God's words will last forever. Further, even a wonderful nature and its miracles cannot have us astonished. For everything is changing and finally dies. It happens similarly to the wind which blows sometimes very violently and then disappears. Like the river which supports all creature with lifegiving water and has its end in the ocean. And human beings are supposed to finish their lives at one time too. Nobody can escape from the law of the death. But it is not the end but the beginning as we do believe. Our goal is to rest in the Kingdom of God with all the saints and holy angels. It is the will of omnipotent God the Creator of heaven and earth. 

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