Monday, 24 September 2012

Ipse mansuetis dabit gratiam (Prv 3:34).

To the humble he shows kindness.

God encourages us to be humble. For if you are humble, you abide in the truth. You do not lord over others, but try to be their companion. You know that you are very often mistaken like all human beings. As a result you live at peace with your neighbors and have the inner peace in your heart. Furthermore, you are in the friendship with God and he blesses you in your endeavors. Therefore, it is good to walk blamelessly and to do justice. Since the Christian way of life is to think the truth in your mind always and to be honest in all relations. Moreover, to be a Christian is to honor those who fear the Lord and to set the example for others. In such a way, you can also approach the holy mountain of God's presence. Subsequently, you will be the light shining before all the people you live with. And it is just your vocation you have been called to. As a follower of Jesus Christ you are to be a lamp which is placed on a lampstand of the world so that those who are in the darkness may see the divine light flowing from you.  

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