Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sancti de mundo iudicabunt (1 Cor 6:2).

The holy ones will judge the world.

There are difficult issues in our life and we need to resolve them. It depends on us whom we will ask for help in these cases. Some of us count only on their own mind and reasoning. However, the better choice is to find solution among people who are close to God. Moreover, we are called to be examples for others who are in need. All of us have a great value and human dignity to live a just life in accordance with God's will. Subsequently, all of us have conscience which is the gift from heaven. For that reason, nobody can say that he does not know what is right or what is wrong. For in our hearts the divine law is written. Moreover, as human family we are siblings for each other. All of us have one Father in heaven and are invited to be holy. And sometimes it is even better to be cheated than to cheat others. Also it is better to suffer than to lead others to suffering. Since it is the kingdom of God when we try to live as Jesus lived and to follow him even if people do not accept our style of life. The point is to reach the everlasting joy and sanctification with our Lord Jesus Christ in the Spirit of our God. Amen.  

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