Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Appendit corda Dominus (Prv 21:2).

The Lord proves hearts.

All of us are in the hands of our Lord. Since he knows us very and penetrates our conscience thoroughly. So we depends on him totally and he leads us where he wants. However, we have a free will and sometimes we decide by our own. Consequently, we often do not please him nor let him accompany us on our paths. We make our own decisions which not always are perfect nor acceptable to the Lord. Our mind and our proud heart can lead us astray. Moreover, our wicked ideas have their fulfilment in sin. On the contrary, if we let God lead us by hand through life, we are much more happier and peaceful. For we need him to instruct us in order to gain knowledge. Therefore, we do ask our Lord to quide us in the way of his commands. We do desire to be blameless and to keep his laws. Also we do want to understand them better and promise to meditate on them carefully. As a result, we hope to get the discernment of God's precepts in our hearts. Then we will rejoice in the path of his commandments continually, forever and ever.    

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