Thursday, 12 February 2015

Virago (Gn 2:23).

You are created to be in the union with God. But first you are to learn how to build the good relations with the other persons. For that reason, God has given you family and friends. However, for some people even these relations are too difficult. Therefore, God has prepared the beautiful world of nature where you live. From the wildlife you can also learn a lot. In this way, step by step you are able to come closer to your Creator. The point is to experience that God is your beloved Father who is taking care of you all the time. Everything he has created is meant to serve the human beings. In this world you can learn how to love and be loved. Thus, you surpass the visible reality and enter the invisible world. For just in the sprituality you may find your real vocation and the source of life. There you rejoice in the presence of your loving Father, his beloved Son and the Spirit of Love.

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