Monday, 16 February 2015

Quid fecisti? (Gn 4:1).

God blesses you and wants your happiness. If you cooperate with him, you live a joyful life. Moreover, you bring the good fruit of the work of your hands. With other people you build a beautiful and peaceful world. In this world each person has his own place and task. You also are to worship your Creator and to give him thanks. However, some people do it more eagerly than others. It depends on you how strong your faith and the relationship with God are. You are able to choose good and prosper or turn to evil and lose your life. Therefore, so important is to keep close to the Lord and obey his commands. Otheriwise, you can easily commit sins and destroy your conscience. Consequently, you may do terrible things in opposition to God's will. Thus, you are restless and punished. You carry the mark of sadness and anxiety all the time. But your vocation is to love one another and overall God who is your loving Father.

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