Friday, 21 June 2013

Ubi est thesaurus tuus (Mt 6:21).

Where is your treasure?

Firstly, the question is what the most valuable things in your life are? It can be many different things like money, respect, power, etc. All of these articles are connected to the material world. And people who are looking for such values are usually disappointed. Since these items can be easily lost and they do not guarantee the true happiness. Therefore, it is so important to store up treasures in heaven. But we often do not know how to accomplish it. We forget that heaven is in this place where God is present. Accordingly, the gate to the heaven can be found in our human heart. To comprehend it we need to be enlightened by the divine grace. As a result, we will live in the light and understand the deepest mysteries. Otherwise, we will still abide in the darkness and will not recognize the most valuable matters. 

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