Monday, 24 June 2013

De ventre matris meae (Is 49:1).

From my mother's womb.

I am created thanks to the great love of God. This truth makes me strong and ensures me that my life is very important. Since God wanted me to exist in space and time. For that reason, he prepared parents for me and I could grow up among people who loved me. In the difficult periods of my life he concealed me in the shadow of his arms. Therefore I have never been lonely nor abandoned. Moreover, the Lord has strengthened me and given me the Holy Spirit. Consequently, I am his servent and try to accomplish his holy will. Although I sometimes make mistakes, the grace of God works through me all the time. In addition, I find my joy in Jesus Christ who has always been my Shepherd and best Friend. Accordingly, I follow his steps and preach the Gospel to the people I meet on my path. In such a way, I become a light to the nations so that his salvation may reach to the ends of the earth. 

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