Monday, 3 June 2013

In viis veritatis (Tb 1:3).

On the paths of truth.

A Christian is supposed to walk on the paths of truth and righteousness. Moreover, he is to perform many charitable works for people he meets. Especially as he lives in the circumstances which are difficult and sometimes even dangerous. Nonetheless, the disciple of Christ is not afraid but ready to help others. Since his strength comes from the Holy Spirit working in his soul. Accordingly, he cannot rest if someone else is in need. In this way he gives an example to others how they should behave. Also he shows them that his good deeds have their source in God. Bad news can never put him down but rather encourages him to make more effort. His patient and sensible attitude towards people is based on the deep relationship with the Lord. He always knows what steps ought to be overtaken because the divine Spirit inspires him. In addition, the Spirit cleanses his heart so that the Christian is able to recognize God's voice in himself. Thus, he is being reminded of the oracles pronounced by the prophets and saints.

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