Thursday, 21 March 2013

Non gustabit mortem in aeternum (Jn 8:52).

He will never taste death.

We are afraid of death. The fear of death makes us stressed so that we cannot enjoy our life. In this context the Son of God comes and brings the new hope. He says that we are able not to see death at all. At first, our reaction is that it is incredible and out of the world. But when we think of it, we get familiar with the idea of immortality. Although all human beings are to die, our soul is to live forever. It is a great dignity and honor that each of us has an immortal spirit. Such a spirit partakes in the Holy Spirit who maintains the existence of the universe. Accordingly, we carry something of divinity in ourselves. Now we are not able to perceive it correctly, but after the death of body our spiritual eyes will be open. Additionally, yet on the earth we can progress in our spirituality not to be scared of death. Since our vocation is enjoying life and in the end possessing the eternal happiness.

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