Friday, 15 March 2013

Hunc scimus unde sit (Jn 7:27).

We know where he is from.

Many people live in the world but not everyone knows Jesus. Some of them heard something about him, but do not follow him. Others try to erase him from the history of humankind completely. There are also Christians who read the Gospel but do not care about its message. Even some ministers of the Church are not very eager to preach the Good News wholeheartedly. Nonetheless, Jesus Christ keeps crying out in the temple area and teaching us. He speaks through the Scriptures and holy sacraments. So each of us can get to know him very well. We are explained where to find him and how to fulfil his precepts. Consequently, we are introduced to the mysteries of the Catholic faith. Bit by bit, we progress in the spiritual matters and experience God's presence in our life. Finally, we discover that the Holy Spirit works in us unceasingly. Thus, the truths of faith become the reality of everyday life. With Christ we are able to repeat his words that we come from God who has sent us on earth to attain the salvation.

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