Friday, 22 March 2013

Dominus mecum est (Jer 20:11).

The Lord is with me.

There are many dangers and difficulties in our lives. Every day we experience that we are fragile human beings. But the thought that our Lord is with us all the time gives us hope and strength. Hence we are not afraid of any trouble neither from people nor from the world. Nobody and nothing can prevail us when God is our mighty champion. However, God tests our hearts and probes our minds. He wants us to give testimony to his divine grace. Furthermore, having entrusted him our cause we are to praise him. Since he always rescues our life from the power of wicked. He is our love, stronghold and deliverer. In addition, only he is able to save us from the darkness of death. For these reasons, we, Christians, call upon the Lord in our distress. And our heavenly Father hears us from his holy temple. Then, he sends his Holy Spirit to provide us with everything we need. 

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