Sunday, 20 May 2012

Qui crediderit (Mk 16:16)

Whoever believes ...

Faith is a crutial thing in the relationship with God. With it our salvation starts and faith changes us inwardly. Moreover, we are able to make miracles only if we believe in the name of Jesus. In addition, we can help others to overcome difficulties in their lives. However, we would not be able to do so, if we did not know the language of God. For that reason, first of all we must learn how to understand the divine words and afterwards start studying other languages. Since not only God has his own language but also nations and each of us has one's own language. When we comprehend these languages and enter into this kind of deeper communication, we can go further and even do things which are normally impossible. In such a way, with God's support we are able to do everything. Also we do not have to be afraid and escape when the danger comes. But this attitude in life is possible just when we have faith in Jesus Christ who is in heaven at the right hand of his Father. Keeping this in mind we are ready to go around the world and to preach everywhere the Good News. And the grace of the Holy Spirit accompanies us with great signs. 

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