Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ex corde invicem diligite attentius (1 Pt 1:22)

Love one another intensely from a heart ....

Sometimes we do not know nor understand the value of our life. Moreover, we do not remember that the Son of God gave his life for our salvation. And therefore very often we are unhappy and do not see the sense in our life. On the contrary, if we keep in mind that we are saved by Jesus, we have strong faith and hope. And it helps us to live peaceful and joyful life. Further, knowing our value we are able to love one another intensely from a pure heart. Because we are certain that our life will not end in the moment of death, but will last forever. For that reason we start glorifying God that he granted such a precious treasure to us. Also with a gift of life he bestows on s his divine peace and many other blessings. And he assures us by his word that he does it because he loves us very much. But the best proof of his fatherly love is his beloved Son who gave his life as a ransom for each of us. As our best friend he is always ahead of us ready to sacrifice his own life. In such a way he shows us an example to do the same for others.

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