Friday, 25 May 2012

Domine, tu cognoscis quia amo te (I 21:17)

O Lord, you know that I love you.

The question about love is the most important question. Not only in relationship between people, but also in relation with God. The reason is that each of us desires to be loved and even God, the Source of Love, is looking for love. Obviously, there are different levels of love and our love depends on the kind of relationship. So there is special love for parents, for friends, for spouse and also different one for God. However, our love for God should be a model of all other kinds of love. Also the Son of God asks us about love to show us that love is connected to responsibility. And that love is not just an empty word. Furthermore, if your love is true, you are ready to give your life. Therefore, it is not good to confess your love very quickly. It is much better to think several times before you say: I love you. And it is very good if you are distressed being asked about love. Because it means that you know how important the answer is. Overall, when you decide to answer: Yes, I do, at the same time you ought to be ready to follow Jesus and to be a witness of Love. 

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