Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Semen serenti (Is 55:10)

The divine word comes down from the heavens and works in the human heart like the rain which gives life to the earth. The word of God also functions like the snow which covers the nature with a white blanket. Similarly, thanks to the divine grace and word, everything becomes bright and clean immediately. 
Moreover, the word of God which is proclaimed in the Church does not return to the heavens till it encourages and makes the human soul fertile and fruitful. For that reason, the faithful who reads the Good News always is fulfilled with inspiration and spiritual power. While reading the Bible, a human being finds the right path in his life and the source from which can draw the lifegiving water. It happens because the Lord speaks to the soul through the daily readings. Thus, everyone who focuses on the divine message can easily recognize the will of God. The follower of the divine word achieves the reward in the eternal kingdom. He is set free of his distress and secured in the hands of the heavenly Father. 

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