Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Benedicentes Domino (Dn 3:24)

In every moment of your life, you are able to pray to God. Especially, when you are in danger or feel lonely, you can ask him for help. Moreover, if you commit sin or are depressed, you may put hope in his divine mercy. But the most important is to remember that you are a beloved son or daughter of God. 
Your heavenly Father has created you to become a holy one. Only you are to listen to him carefully and to live according to his will. You do not have to be scared of being his servant because it is a great privilege and honor. If you follow his ordinances, you multiply your offspring like the stars of heaven. 
You should not worry when the unpleasant situation happens in your life. For God the Father is taking care of you and embracing you above all in the most difficult events. Although, you experience pain and loneliness, your contrite heart and humble spirit can be united with God. In prayers and offerings, you can stand in the presence of your heavenly Father and open your soul unreservedly. Thus, putting all your trust in God and following him with your whole heart, you experience his closeness, kindness and great mercy.

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