Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Deus auxiliator meus (Is 50:9).

A good relationship with God has an impact on the relations with others. If you keep contact with the Lord, it is easier to get in touch with people. For Jesus Christ encourages you to take care of the needy and to start doing something for them. He tries to open your heart and to broaden it for your brothers and sisters. The point is to follow him and to hear him carefully. Consequently, you will probably suffer and work a lot but at the same time you will be glad. The Son of God wants to have you brave and ready to accomplish more than just doing your business. For that reason, he shares his holy Spirit with you and does not let you be alone. He is near and upholds you whenever you feel weak and troubled. All the time, he accompanies you and walks beside you as your friend. Therefore, you should be eager to bear insult for the sake of Jesus. Your soul must be filled with the zeal which consumes you. You are also to praise and glorify the heavenly Father with thanksgiving for all his blessings.

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