Friday, 24 April 2015

Cadens in terram (Acts 9:4).

There are bad instincts in every man. Although we would like to be perfect, we commit sins and make wrong decisions. Sometimes we are like the blind who really do not know where they are going. Therefore, we need so much the light from above and instructions what to do. We are to kneel before our Lord and listen carefully to his voice. When we look on our way of life from the divine perspective, we become ready to change our habits and follow Jesus wholeheartedly. Furthermore, the holy people in our life help us to recognize the right path prepared for us. Also the Holy Spirit speaks to our heart and reveals the God's plan. For that reason, so important is to stay in the presence of God and to let him act freely. During our prayer the miracles happen and we even do not know how it is possible.

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