Friday, 1 February 2019

Priusquam te formarem (Ier 1:5)

What a priviliged ones are we to hear such loving and comforting words from the Author of our life. We are in the master plan of God, even  before this thought of the purpose of our existence ever dawned in us. We were made in the complete knowledge and perfect love of God. It reminds us that we are under the loving gaze of God all the time, for all eternity. God’s love always follows us, circles us and envelopes us. Often this love  can be compared to a performer showing his item in a dark stage, where he is followed by beams of light circling him alone wherever he moves. All the spot light of the stage seem to be converging into one spot – on the performer, never leaving him in darkness of the surrounding. We are blessed to have such haunting and loving presence of God in our daily lives. Therefore, let us enter into the depth of our soul in contemplation. Let us be enchanted by the natural beauty. Let us have deep sense of love and reverence for every created being. God knows every one of our inner yearning, dreams, aches, wounds, emotions and life struggles. He will never leave us alone but hold a beautiful dream for us, setting the background always for his dream to be actualized.

Sr. Jessy Paul SSpS

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