Thursday, 7 February 2019

Caritas fraternitatis (Heb 13:1)

Love is the key to the human heart. Each of us needs love. Families and communities are rooted in love. Therefore, your heart should be open to love and to accept love from your brothers and sisters. Moreover, your faith is based on the experience of love. God the heavenly Father has loved you and created you to love. You are to respond with love and to love wholeheartedly.
However, there are some people who do not have good experiences with love. Maybe you also were hurt and now you are cautious when you start to trust or love. That can be a real obstacle for you. You can be even imprisoned by fear and feel very lonely. Perhaps you were ill-treated by your parents or family members. That is why you lack self-confidence and try to hide yourself. 
Even in the case of husband and wife love can be spoiled and broken. As a result, not only couple suffers but also their children do not learn how to love others with a sincere heart. Sometimes love is sold like things and people who are children of God engage themselves in the immoral business voluntary or by force. 
As Christian you should fight for the true and divine love. You are to remember that God wants your holiness and pure soul. The Lord never forsakes you or abandons you because he loves you very much. Overall, there are good people who know how to love and imitate Jesus. You also are called to be one of them. And the world needs love of the Holy Spirit which is the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen. 

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