Sunday, 24 January 2016

In virtute Spiritus (Lk 4:14).

The child of God is full of the power of the Spirit and each one is called to be such a child. If you live as the God's child, you are praised by others. They recognize holiness in your conduct and want to be your friends. They need the example of the person who reminds the world about God the Father and acknowledges his providence over all his children.
The child of God reads the Holy Scripture where finds the divine wisdom. Every passage of the Bible has a meaning for this child and teaches how to fulfill the will of God. If you listen to it carefully, you hear the God's voice which is calling you.
The word of God reminds the child that the Spirit of the Lord is upon his chosen ones. Moreover, it says that you are also anointed and obliged to bring glad tidings to your sisters and brothers. Reading the Bible you become free and understand better the events which happen.
Finally, you are invited to sit in the silence and to reflect the grandeur of the universe. Thus, you are able to see the miracles in everything around you and in your soul too. 

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