Friday, 1 January 2016

Benedicat (Num 6:24).

God the merciful Father blesses his beloved children in the beginning of the New Year. He wants to keep them in his hands and to take care of them all the time. He wishes to have a deep relationship with his creatures and especially with the human beings. The beloving Father watches the universe diligently and is gracious to the whole world. He looks from the heavens kindly and gives peace. Therefore our vocation is to invoke his holy name and to ask for his blessing. He is waiting for our prayers and prepared to answer quickly with his divine love. Our salvation is also his great gift which we are to proclaim among nonbelievers. Since the fullness of happiness each of us can find only in God. Moreover, in him we discover the greatest mercy and care for us. For that reason, we are to praise our Father and pay homage to the Beloved who is the source of all goodness. He is close to us and always reminds that we are called to live as his sons and daughters. Without his Spirit in our hearts we are not able to do anything. But if we cooperate with God, we experience joy and peace. Then we can share it with all the people and create one human family. Thus, the miracles happen in the world - love overcomes the hatred and divine light scatters the darkness of sin.

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