Saturday, 24 January 2015

Sancta Sanctorum (Heb 9:3).

Nowadays the Holy Place is in every church where the Eucharist is celebrated. There is the altar where the bread and wine are being offered. Behind it there is usually the tabernacle with the Holy of Holies. And Jesus Christ comes regularly to the community of believers who gather in his holy name. He always brings the good things which we need most. He pours hope and love into our heart if only it is open for his graces. Moreover, his great desire is to find a place in the tabernacle of the heart which is not made by human hands. He does not belong to this creation and he overcomes the created beings. But he knows very well our condition since he lived among us. He has loved us so much that he gave his own life on the cross. In his holy Blood the humanity is cleansed and prepared for the eternal happiness. Thus, our consciences are ready to worship the living God. So let us shout to God with cries of gladness and thank him for such awesome miracles.

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