Monday, 26 January 2015

Melioribus hostiis (Heb 9:23).

Christ is the person to help you in the relation with the Father. He is also the One who promised you the eternal inheritance in the Father's house. For he always remains in the deep communion with the Father and is the mediator between the world and God. The Holy Spirit is the One who sanctifies and keeps their Unity. Thus, the Holy Trinity surrounds you with its love and grants you numberless blessings. In addtion, Jesus takes away your sins by his sacrifice. Every day you are supported and strengthened by him. Since he comes to bring salvation and to make you holy. He waits for you all the time and invites you to follow him. Thanks to him so many miracles happen in your life. Through his sacraments you can experience his tender arm embracing you. In the Eucharist he gathers his disciples and reveals himself. There you are able to enter into intimate relationship with him. There you can rejoice and find peace in the Spirit of Christ. As a result, you are singings and praising your God with melodious songs. For you are united with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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