Saturday, 13 December 2014

Propheta quasi ignis (Ecc 48:1).

Today let us think about prophet Elijah! Moreover, let us follow his example during this Advent season. Now we are called to be like a fire and our words ought to flare like a torch. We are supposed to act by the word of the Lord and to bring down the fire of the Holy Spirit. However, we are not ready to do that. Let us ask ourselves - why? Probably we do not pray enough and do not keep our promises. We speak too many empty words and even do not have time to stop for a while. Nevertheless, as children of God we are also perform miracles. People around us are waiting for the true witnesses of Christ. Therefore, let us be taken up in the whirlwind of fire as prophet Elijah was in a chariot with fiery horses. It may happen during every prayer if only we pray eagerly and piously. In such a way we will be able to turn the hearts of others to the things of heaven. Thus we can be happy seeing the Lord come and falling asleep in God's love. 

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