Saturday, 28 September 2013

Ecce ego venio (Zec 2:14).

I am coming ...

The best part of the day is to raise your eyes to the Lord. Thus, during the meditation on the Scriptures you escape from the daily business. In such a way, you are taught how to resolve your problems and worries. Consequently, you are granted the light for the future and know what the most important is. Also you see the earthly matters from the different perspective and recognize the true meaning of the events happening in the world. As you pray the holy angels are around you and support you in the difficult times. As a result, you are able to perceive things with great hope and trust in God's Providence. Since your Creator had prepared everything with the purpose. There is the deeper sense and reason in the world which unbelievers cannot comprehend. Nonetheless, the Holy Spirit is certainly working and creating things all the time. This Spirit is like an encircling wall of fire for all people. So you are called to rejoice and discover the grace of God around.  

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