Friday, 27 September 2013

Discerne causam meam (Ps 43:1).

Fight my fight.

I find rescue at my Lord, Jesus Christ. With him I feel secure from any danger. Otherwise, I worry a lot and am afraid of my enemies. For that reason, I come to the Lord to receive strength and new hope. I need to hear again that he takes care of me all the time. I do not have to go and abide far away, but stay at home with my God. When I am close to him, I live in light and my faith grows up. I am led by the Holy Spirit and reach the holy mountain of God's presence. There I experience the divine peace and joy. Consequently, I become grateful and want to approach closer and closer to the Lord. In addition, I take courage and am ready to fulfill all God's commands. For my strength comes from the awareness of his presence in my soul. His Spirit speaks in my heart and assures me that I ought not to fear. In such a way, I am fulfilled with the divine gifts and do not fight my fight alone.

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