Monday, 6 May 2013

Vos testimonium perhibetis (Jn 15:27).

You also testify.

God is present in the world through the Holy Spirit. He also lives in us and fulfills our hearts with love. In such a way, we become witnesses to the Good News. However, some people do not want to accept this message. On the contrary, they make up their own truths and rules. They even fight against the disciples of Jesus Christ. Besides they often think that they are doing something good. But the truth is that they know neither the Father nor his Son. Therefore, it is so important to praise and annouce God in the assembly of people. Furthermore, we are to be glad and to rejoice in the Lord before others. Since the Creator loves and adorns us with many graces. For that reason Christians exult in glory and worship God all the time. Thus, the Spirit of truth is acting among people throughout the world. 

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