Thursday, 25 April 2013

Misericordias Domini (Ps 89:2).

The favors of the Lord.

I have received many graces from my Lord Jesus Christ. And it is even impossible to count them all. For this reason, I am very grateful and proclaim his faithfulness. Also I am still amazed at the very gifts which are granted to me. First of all, I give thanks to the Lord for the grace of ordination. For being a priest is so honorable and awe-inspiring that I cannot understand it in fullness. When I serve others, I am able to perceive the wonders which God makes through my hands. Moreover, in the community of Church I am being strengthened and fulfiled with the Holy Spirit. My heart rejoices as I am standing in the light of God's countenance during the holy mysteries. As a result, all the days of my life are spent in the presence of Spirit who shrouds me in secrecy. I also can neither cease praising my Lord nor stop proclaiming his goodness.  

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