Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Memor es eius (Heb 2:6).

You are mindful.

Every human being is important for God. The reason is that God has not only created men, but also is giving them necessary things to live all the time. Also he wants us to be enriched with glory and honor. That is why people are in control of the whole world. However, we often do not know how to perform this duty. Consequently, we do not fulfill the will of God but our own. Therefore, it is essential in our life to follow Jesus. From him, we can learn how to overcome all the difficulties and go through suffering. In this way, we are taught how to accept the reality od death. Since death is not given to us as punishment, but release from the struggles. Over all, we are to be consecrated and join the heavenly community. It is our vocation to participate in the everlasting happiness. Thus, God is always mindful of each of us. As the best Father, he is looking forward to the meeting with all his beloved children at the appointed time. There in the midst of the holy assembly we will praise him forever.   

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