Saturday, 5 January 2013

De morte in vitam (1 Jn 3:13).

From death to life.

Love is the essence of our life and this virtue should always lead us. If not we harm others and even could kill them either with words or action. Just love changes our difficult lives into beautiful ones. For only love is stronger than death and is the best way to the eternal happiness. If we have true love, there is nothing impossible for us. Moreover, we are not afraid but walk through life being optimistic. On the other hand, living without love is like death. Furthermore, you cannot enter the heavenly kingdom, if you have not the key to its gate which is love. Living in love also means living with God himself. Since our Creator is the Beginning and Source of Love. By his grace we experience the divine love in our hearts and are being moved with compassion. Over all, our God is always greater than our human loves and gives us example to perfect our love. For that reason we are to ask him to increase our ability to be lovers and to accept love from beloved people around us.  

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