Monday, 3 December 2012

Mons domus Domini in vertice montium (Is 2:1).

The mountain of the Lord's house.

God is to take the main place in our life. If we focus on him, everything else will be in good order. So it shoud be our desire to have our Lord in the center. Obviously, it will happen at the end of time, however nowadays it is also necessary. Since we are confused living without his commandments and rules. Therefore, we are to try eagerly to climb the Lord's mountain which means to look for him. In such a way, we will be instructed in his ways and able to walk in his path. In addition, his plan is always the best as well as his instruction. Thanks to him people may live in peace and forgive one another. He encourages us to be humble and to respect each other. For these reasons, it is worthy to walk in the light of the Lord and build one community of human family. We will be grateful and joyful, we will  also prosper and keep peace in the world.  

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