Sunday, 9 December 2012

Factum est verbum Dei (Lk 3:2).

The word of God came ...

Through the Scriptures God is used to come to us every day. However, sometimes he speaks to our heart directly. When we hear his voice, we are being encouraged to to great things because this word goes always with power and strength. Thus, the Holy Spirit is working within us and in the world. As a result, we are able to change ourselves for better. Obviously, not by our own, but with the divine grace. Accordingly, our love increases more and more. We also become pure and blameless in order to give a good testimony to others. We can tell them about great things which have been made for us by God. For instance that he has changed our mourning and misery into joy and happiness or has cleansed us from sins and errors. Further, that he has wrapped us in the cloak of holiness and in the belt of peace. For these reasons, we are able to live a good life and enjoy in his presence all the time. Since we do not only know that he is with us, but we do experience it every day.

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