Monday, 20 August 2012

Si vis perfectus esse (Mt 19:21).

If you wish to be perfect.

There is a deep desire in the human heart to approach Jesus and to speak with him. We would like to ask him many questions about our present and future life. And he is very patient with answering to our problems. Sometimes he wants to encourage us to search for the answers on our own. When we ask ourselves, we also find some explanation deeply in our own mind. Although we are able to discover some misteries of our faith, yet still there are things hidden from our sight. Therefore, again and again we come back to Jesus asking him for help. In this case, he puts before our eyes some of the treasures we would like to find. Moreover, he points out to the Bible and the God's commandments where the foundations are laid. Even though we have already known them, yet with the Spirit of Jesus we can discover more and more. Since the Holy Spirit strengthens us and clarifies everything for us. We find rest and peace if we follow its advice and fulfill the God's will. However, we often are not eager to be obedient, but we prefer to live in our own way. Subsequently, we become sad and restless, because we cannot find happiness on our own account. So help us, o Lord, follow you in our daily life in order to be holy as you are holy.   

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