Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Mulier amicta sole (Rev 12:1).

A woman clothed with the sun.

We all have the Mother in Heaven. She takes care of us her children all the time. Moreover, she is also the Queen of the Kingdom of God. The first woman who was taken with soul and body to the Heaven. Her life was so illustrious that now she enjoys the happiness and reward of eternal life with God. She gave birth to the God's Son who came to the world to redeem us. With faith she received the angel's message and fulfiled it in her whole life. However, as it was in the past and happens nowadays some people inspired by evil spirits do not want to accept her to be their Blessed Mother. Being in the opposition to the Mother they reject the Good News brought by her Son. And on the world the fight between good and evil lasts without end. But the humble woman is strong enoght with the divine power to win despite many attacks of the devil. Today we pay homage to give her thanks for all she is doing for us, especially for being our Beloved Mother.

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