Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Quid est homo (Ps 8:5)

When I see beautiful flowers, lakes, mounts, sunsets and sunrises, butterflies and all things about nature, I am in awe. I can't help thinking the Creator of all.  When I listen to the sounds of waves and chirping birdies, I feel calm and relaxed. I am reminded who creates all these beauties. I can't stop saying how great, how great HE is!!! In these marvelous creations, I can see HIS might, power, and glory. 
In Psalm 8, it is clearly seen that humans are above these stunningly beautiful creations. Humans are so special. Humans are His apple of eyes. Humans have power and authority over His amazing creation.  His wonderful creation is under humans' dominion and humans are given authority to manage these universe. Why are humans so special in God's sight and favour? There are several reasons. Firstly,  it is highlighted in Psalm 8 verse 5 that humans are imago dei as also mentioned in Genesis 1:26, which means that humans are image of God in terms of moral, spiritual, and intelectual characteristics. These qualities differ humans from other creatures and other God's creations.  Secondly, God himself possessed humans' reins; covered in mothers' wombs (Psalm 139:13-16) which is in line with Isaiah 64:8 meaning that everyone of us is unique and special. God personally created us so we are God's masterpiece. We are limited edition. No one is like us even  our twins. Thirdly, we are special and precious. Nothing can compare to one's worth as higlighted in 1 Corinthians 6:20 and 1 Peter 1: 18-19. God has saved us from our sins and given us not only an eternal life but a purposeful life to be led in this temporarily world. God has purpose to create each of us and He endows us with specific talents and gifts. 
Yet, life has its ups and downs. Sometimes we are over the moon. Other times we feel discouraged,  hopeless, remorse,  and aimless. We oftentimes feel like a piece of jerk when troubles, struggles and storms hit us so badly. Again, this passage brings us to an awareness that we are special and unique in God's sight no matter what. People and world might underestimate and belittle us but God is so gracious. We are His beloved who are created in HIS likeness with capacity to perform HIS kindness and holiness and to reflect HIM. Moreover, we are saved with HIS precious Blood on the Cross. No one loves us like He does. He died on the Cross for us; HE gave HIS life for us. For that reason, let us say: I am PRECIOUS. I am PRECIOUS  I am PRECIOUS!!! 
This awareness should remind us about our identity; who we are before GOD. It also serves our faith and strenghens us to face every storm that appears in our life. 

By Daisy Ann

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