Saturday, 13 May 2017

Pater in me (Jn 14:11)

Knowing Jesus is crutial in the spiritual life. Although, it takes the whole life and does not finish on earth, the Christians are to understand Christ more and more. Friendship with the Son of God often starts from discovering the beauty in the created nature. It can also begins in the church when a believer attends the well-prepared liturgy and hears the Christian music. 
Interesting fact is that such an encounter with Jesus leads to the deeper undestanding. If you experienced the kindness of Christ, you want to know him better and better. If you listened to him, you love to spend time with him again. Normally, being with Jesus is such a pleasant experience that you do not care about the time. During it you feel Christ in your soul and find yourself in Christ. 
Consequently, you start to talk like Jesus, think like him and behave in his way. Furthermore, you do not do anything, but Jesus does everything in you. Also you are sure of his divine presence and your brothers and sisters become aware that Christ lives in you too.

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