Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Quo ego vado (J 21:21)

Sometimes Jesus goes away and we look for him eagerly. We often do not understand why he hides himself. But he does it reasonably because he wants our faith and love towards him grow stronger and stronger. As human beings we act in the visible world but it is not the only world which exists. As Christians we do believe that there is also a beautiful and spiritual world where God, angels and saints live. 
When Jesus cannot be seen with the human eyes, it does not mean that he is not present in our life. In Spirit he accompanies us. Since as Son of God he belongs to what is above our human understanding and feelings. We would like to touch everything and to take pleasure of the material things. However, during the Lent we prepare ourselves to overcome our physical nature and to experience the new way of life in accordance with the Spirit. For that reason, we are to confess our sins and to accept Jesus Christ as the only Savior of the world. 
Obviously, the Son of God knows our soul very well. But we need to take efford and to stand in truth before him. In this way, he will gently lead us to the heavenly Father. We are supposed to let him lead us through the painful events to the everlasting joy in the presence of the Holy Trinity. Let us strongly believe that Jesus never leaves us on the path of life.

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